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Hi, I’m Sean. I’m a WordPress specialist, SEO copywriter & all-around local SEO expert. What does that mean?

In layman terms…

  • I set up & configure websites.
  • I write custom-fit website content.
  • I write best-selling, search-engine-optimized copy.
  • I configure Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics.
  • I generate traffic and leads, and make your phone ring.

Who do I do this for?

My niche is roofing & plumbing contractors (and other service industry professionals), but I’ve also had a few “bigger ticket” clients as well.

Click here to read (my growing— time is in short supply) sample SEO content.

– Sean Vandenberg, SEO Project Manager

From Freelance, to #1 Project Manager

Like reading? …Here’s my “story”:

In 2012 I fell in love with WordPress & began teaching myself search engine optimization (SEO).

The deeper I got, the more I gravitated toward SEO content writing and copywriting, which, if you didn’t know, can be a potent & highly effective online marketing strategy.

Eventually (okay, shortly) the day job lost its luster, so I started offering freelance SEO & analytics services. Having helped build out my former construction employer’s website & optimizing it for Google search visibility & local conversions, I knew it wouldn’t be long before a few good bites came through.

Fast forward to early 2015, when I was offered a major role as Project Manager for another freelance SEO company, asked to handle his organic search engine optimization campaigns. I help manage an international team & handle web content writing, SEO copywriting, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, email marketing, and conversion & lead-generation optimization for roofing contractors.

(Feel free to read a former freelancer’s SEO review right here.)

The schedule gets A WHOLE LOT more hectic by the day, so do yourself a favor & beat your competition to it!

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More About Sean..

Education / Background

In college Sean studied Communications and Rhetoric (writing, logic, persuasion), and received his BA and minor respectively.

Freelance SEO Services

Sean will consider writing content for any industry but prefers to write web copy for contractors. His niche specialties include plumbers, roofers, construction, home builders & more.

Maryland / Washington, DC

Sean lives in Crofton, Maryland, which is close to Washington, DC. He’s written for clients across the US, including Florida, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, New York & more.

Hire SEO Writers Today

Sean’s schedule gets more hectic by the day. If you want to invest in freelance SEO consulting, get a site audit, or at least discuss opportunities, your best bet is to send an email. Expect a personal response within 24 hours, with info on how to get started!

…And stay tuned for more SEO writing samples soon!

– Sean Vandenberg, SEO Project Manager