Freelance Website Content Writing Services w/ SEO

I’m Sean Vandenberg, a freelance SEO copywriter & web content writer located in the
Washington, D.C. / Maryland (MD) area.

And I help small business owners:

1. Rank Better on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2. Get More Clicks from search to their websites.

3. Convert Clients into loving, lifelong customers.

How exactly do I accomplish this?

>> Read my mission statement.

>> Learn about my dedication to quality content.

>> Take a peek at my employee profile.

…Would you like to talk about it?

Complete the form, email me, or call me at (240) 232-7656 to get the specifics!

Sean’s SEO Copywriting Services for Small Business

Website Content Strategy

Before you write for the web, you must plan.

And plan well.

Moving from general to specific, I’ll help build out your entire website in a search-friendly and user-friendly way.

My web content strategy services ensure your site is well-structured, navigable and engaging.

SEO Content Writing

So you’ve got a website, but you need content.


I’d be happy to get started today.

My budget-friendly content writing services equip you with 100% original, company-branded, quality content for that 24-hour marketing tool we so lightly and gently refer to as “WEBSITE.”

Business Blog Writing

Do you have a thriving business blog?

Do your research on the benefitsI bet you’ll discover the best info within search-friendly blog posts!

A smart social media marketing strategy, my blog post writing will make you an online industry authority in no time.

Search Engine Copywriting

Does your website have content, but isn’t delivering?

That’s a shame.

The point of your website is to rank, draw in customers and create long-lasting relationships.

My SEO copywriting services improve your search engine results and brand your business— while getting you more leads and conversions.

Web SEO Copyediting

Want more out of your web copy?

Of course you do!

Typos, clutter, grammar mistakes, keyword-stuffing, spammy link-building….

Get up to speed with my search engine optimization (SEO) copyediting services, and enjoy error-free, properly optimized SEO content.

Local SEO Copywriting

Are you a small business owner?

Do you want more local leads?

I can get them!

Invest in my local search engine copywriting, or SEO geo-targeting, and watch your website copy rank in the top local search results.

Sean’s Freelance SEO Copywriter / Web Editing Team

Jasmine – Website / SEO Copyeditor & Social Media Gal

Jasmine Daley is the newest addition to Sean Vandenberg’s SEO copywriting team.

She’s an excellent website copyeditor, social media marketer & all-around user experience (UX) gal who has done TONS in terms of assisting with Sean’s website re-design(s), digital interfacing and overall user impression.

“These eyes of mine..these eyes were made for design. I guess that’s why I ended up with four of them.”

Contact her here, or complete the form.

You can also send her an email or tweet her at @ur_daleydose anytime you’d like.

Sean – SEO Copywriter / Content Writer & WordPress Guy

I am a hard-working freelancer dedicated to quality content.

Since January 2012, I’ve been writing and optimizing website content for small businesses through mostly outsourced work.

Now, nearly January 2015, I am looking to directly assist more small business owners with their overall rankings and content direction, thereby increasing clicks, sales, branding and online authority.

“Whether you are a small business owner or a large SEO company looking to outsource; I’ll gladly write, edit and optimize your content at honest, budget-friendly prices.”

Stylistically, I aim for a natural, unique tone, the end result engaging, company-branded— personalized— content.

Don’t Delay— Better Content is One Message & Click Away!

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