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Custom Content Strategy


You have a website and need content written. But where to begin?

Practice may make perfect, but it’s planning which makes perfection possible…

My custom content plans ensure proper information architecture (IA) for a well-structured, navigable and engaging (WordPress) website, so that when it comes to the writing, you know exactly where to start.

Plan Your Custom Strategy.

Quality Website Content


Okay, so you’ve got a content plan in place. Now it’s time to write.

Just note that today it’s all about quality over quantity, and search engines like Google take what you write seriously.

Want my help?

Ensure your content is original, engaging and personable with my budget-friendly writing services, and watch your website get more hits, sales and customers.

Write Your Web Content.

SEO Blog Post Writing


On to your blogroll.

Blogging is perhaps the best way to get your name out there.

How often have you shared or tweeted a blog post that you found particularly useful or interesting?

A smart search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy, my weekly ghostwriting service helps you become an online industry authority in no time— easy as 1, 2, 3…

Explode Your Web Presence.

SEO Copywriting Services


How important is optimized content, anyway?

Although on-page SEO isn’t as potent in today’s optimization— you still want your website to show up as much as possible in Google results.

Let’s write you compelling copy that not only improves rankings, but also captivates visitors with branded, personable language for more leads and conversions.

Capture Clients & Subscribers.

On-Page SEO Copyediting


Perhaps you already have content. That’s okay too!

If you have website copy you’d like edited, upgraded or optimized, there is a simpler solution…

Get up to speed today with my affordable SEO copyediting, and enjoy error-free, properly-optimized content, now, and in the future, that will continually brand, earn clients and rank on Google.

Upgrade Your Website Copy.

Local SEO Optimization


And what about your service areas?

With nearly half of all searches having local intent, it’s imperative your website is optimized for locality.

Called geotargeting, local SEO writing kills two birds with one stone: you rank, and then you convert…

Try my localized optimization, and get ready to answer your phone while your website does all the hard work for you. BOOM!

Rank For Your Service Areas.

The Freelance Writing & Editing Duo


Jasmine Daley


Jasmine is a savvy web copyeditor, lover of everything design, and a tea-over-coffee kinda gal.

“These eyes of mine… these eyes were made for design. I guess that’s why I ended up with four of them.”

You can send Jasmine an email or tweet whether you like her without the glasses better at @ur_daleydose anytime you’d like.

Chat w/ Jasmine Daley.

Sean Vandenberg


Sean is a prolific SEO writer with a background in Communications.

“Hire me, and I’ll write, edit and optimize your content for more clicks, leads and calls— as well as for more likes, tweets, pins, +1s and other actions.”

Sean offers custom content plans and highly competitive rates for ambitious and determined small business owners.

Speak w/ Sean Vandenberg.

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